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Food prep pro tips in 7 days to support pregnancy! Day 4- Nut/Seed/Oat milks

You probably hear about food prepping everywhere but it’s all so overwhelming because you don’t really know what it is or how to do it?

Here is a quick guide for you to help understand why organizing your pantry, fridge and meal schedule truly is a magic tool to make your life easier.

Even after a super crazy day, eating a cozy homemade dinner will help you relax, get grounded and will provide essential nutrients. 

I promise it will make you feel like you got this whole LIFE thing together!

What to buy?

Find my winter/spring grocery/farmers market guide here.

Food prep 101!

The easiest way to keep your kitchen in order and make quick, versatile dishes is to prep your food as soon as you get home from the market or grocery store. Today I’ll teach you how to prepare all kinds of food to have it handy throughout the week. For storage I suggest use jars and glass containers if possible to avoid exposure to toxic material such as BPA. For greens I use ziploc bags because I found that if I can seal it airtight it lasts longer. 


Day 4- Nut/Seed/Oat milks

These milks are very easy to make and much better for you than the store bought ones. When you make them yourself you can control what ingredients you will be adding.

They have only a few fairly simple ingredients: nut/seed/oat, water, sweetener (optional), flavoring (optional). Use the milk in coffee, tea, oatmeal, chia pudding, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, smoothies, baked goods, soups, stews, etc.

  1. Soak the nuts or oats in a bowl of water overnight. 

  2. Next day drain, rinse and add these into a blender with fresh water. For sweetener you can use dates, honey, maple syrup, stevia. For flavors I suggest warming spices such as cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla.

  3. A good rule of thumb ratio is 1 cup nuts/seeds to 5 cups water or 1 cup rolled oats to 4 cups water

  4. Blend on high speed for a minute while preparing a nut milk bag or a sieve lined with a layer of cheesecloth and pour the mixture in to drain. 

  5. Let it drain and squeeze out the leftover milk. 

  6. Refrigerate in glass jars or bottles for up to a week.

  7. You can save the pulp and store in the fridge for a few days to be added in smoothies (fiber, creaminess, and protein) or dry it out to be used in baked goods as nut meal. 

Note: in case you don't have time to make the milk next day, DON’T WORRY!  Drain your nuts/seeds/oats and refrigerate them in an airtight container for up to 2 days and when you have time just use it according to the above method.

Love & melons,

🍉 Kriszta

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