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fertility nutrition

 for a well-rounded pregnancy

What you eat preconception, during pregnancy and postpartum has a huge impact on your overall health, your egg quality and your future baby's health. 

Mothermelon strives to provide carefully curated custom care for a stress-free future!

our philosophy 

The main force behind Mothermelon is a deep desire to help women achieve their long-term nutrition and lifestyle goals. Whether you’re seeking help for women's health, fertility support or disease prevention, you will be personally evaluated and provided with a custom, well-researched and comprehensive plan you can follow for the rest of your life.



Get ready! Learn how to prepare your body for fertility treatments & natural pregnancy with detoxification and natural foods that support optimal health and reduces complica-tions.


Support both of your health with whole foods in each trimester. Learn how to tackle symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, back pain and reflux with foods, supplements and herbs. 

postpartum & lactation

Learn easy-to-follow techniques and tools to help your recovery and support your milk production. Become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your child's and to your own needs.

Learn how to best support your body with whole foods, herbs, exercise and healthy habits. Grow into an expert in managing your hormones, and conditions such as PCOS, estrogen dominance, endometriosis, hormone imbalance and metabolic syndrome. 

about me

I've been working with food for many years now and if I learned one thing so far is that food can drastically change your life for the better or for the worst. The choice is in your hands! You want to improve your health, have hormone problems, PMS, PCOS, estrogen dominance and thyroid issues? Are you wondering if your body is ready for pregnancy, are already pregnant, breastfeed-ing or having a hard time taking care of your newly expanded family?

You came to the right place! Let me teach you how to build a healthy lifestyle easily and effortlessly, introducing whole foods, healthy meals, snacks and baked goods into your life.

Together for a stress-free future!

Kriszta Tiwari

" When in doubt, use nutrition first." 

 Roger Williams 


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San Francisco, CA 94158

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